Dimitri Zaik

Dimitri is a wanderer, a musician, composer, tree hugger, insomniac, existentialist, a follower of love, secretive scribbler, mad hatter, humanitarian, animal lover, artist and photographer - who allows time to stroll casually beside him as he moves through life, allowing himself to be absorbed in feeling the ambiguous energies in all of its freedom and restriction.




March 2015

Finalist Winner Session II John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2014

January 2013 – To Date

“I want to be alone… with someone else who wants to be alone” – Ink Bleeder Quote | 2 million+ shares.

October 2010 – To Date

Soultone Cymbals Artist Endorsement

January 2015

Meeting with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer. Handing over prototype Dandelion Clock USB device as gratitude to Neil Gaiman for being pivotal in the survival of the project and getting A Calendar Of Tales images signed.

Gentle Giants – Save the Sri Lankan Elephant. Collectible Calendar, LTL Group

October 2014 

Magellanic Clouds album release. Part I of A Dandelion Clock soundtrack.

March 2014

Plastic Halo single release.

June 2013 – June 2014

Manager/Mentor Audacity Winners TNL Onstage Season 13′

December 2011

Completion of first hand carved acoustic guitar.

March 2011

Photographs published in Flowering Plants : Commonly Encountered in Sri Lankan Habitats


March 2015

EyeEm Mission -The Human Condition photo and story submission.

March 2014

A Man Changed To Fate, The Endless Garden – Two part submission for Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Contest.

June 2013

Elmer’s Jungle Party – At My Pace & Busy Hands children with special needs musical production.

March – November 2013

Creative director Park Street Mews.

February 2013

Life Too Good To Waste- Noeline Fernando childrens art exhibition.

March 2012

Blackberry Keep Moving Campaign with Neil Gaiman & You ‘A Calendar Of Tales’ runner up.

October 2006  – To Date

Founder, Designer, Producer Insomnia Inc.

January 2004 -2006

Ethnic Drums Republic Polytechnic Founder/President

Music & Composing

Dimitri composes and records his music in his homebrew studio and reveals the voices of the strangest instruments picked up on his endless journey. He searches for rhythms trapped within the silence of intangible energies and elements and pushes the standard conventions of music. But, raw emotion as addictive as the most lethal of narcotics, drives him to strive further than just the music.

Music & Composing

Like the burn of white stars on a magnetically dark night, Dimitri Zaik’s melodies emit a frequency of light traced with lost love, warm hope, dreams and whispers against a refined sense of darkness. His intensely emotive music moves you like the fables of a wise old soul. A time-worn storyteller. As soon as the first notes hit your ears you’re taken away on a journey in breath and mind, that always leaves you wanting more.

Dimitri composes and records his music in his homebrew studio. He reveals a hidden voice in some of the most unlikely of instruments. He searches for rhythms trapped within the silence of intangible energies and elements, and pushes the boundaries and standard conventions of music.The quest to find a way to channel his emotional and creative energies has lead him from the summits of mountains to the depths of the ocean. As a wandering spirit he is always travelling, always learning, always flowing and discovering. Through his journeying and interactions with people from all over the world, Dimitri continues to strengthen his multi-instrumentalist repertoire. In the relentless quest for music that can shape one’s mind, body and soul, he composes and performs all his music on non-standard frequency tunings.

Dimitri is another kind of amazing. Whatever he creates is so full of life and magic because he sees, feels and hears what others can’t. The beauty in negative spaces. The life in the in between. He captures this spark, sets it free in everything he does, and watches it come alive in a way that is almost tangible. The way his mind works is beautiful, what it produces is unlike anything you will have ever seen or heard. As a musician I am constantly amazed by the depths of his raw talents and the beauty in his capacity create a melody out of all the world around him.

A natural overflow of raw emotion, as addictive as the most lethal of narcotics, drives him to inject his passion into every artform he can touch. Every photograph he takes, every picture he paints is a piece of an emotional jigsaw puzzle that connects and fits inside those who seek something more. Combined, his portfolio is a hallowed ground for the resurrection of euphoria, hope, love, death and beauty- intertwined with mystical symphonies and time-worn stories that wrap themselves, with a comforting familiarity around your heart.

Photography & Film

This isn't about pixel perfect, tack sharp photography. Its something more. Its about emotion. Its about Magic. Its about your imagination. I am colourblind and this is the way I feel the world and find its colours.

Photography & Film

What if random celluloid colours gently pulled out a drawer of emotion from your memories? A drawer filled with comforting feelings of times gone by. The warmth of pushing your toes into dad’s socks. The wiggle and giggle of a little girl’s laughter as she clutches a Ben & Jerry’s receipt. The memory of losing your virginity, all wrapped up in the old green hair band that sits on the dresser. The pleasure you felt the first time you travelled alone, in an oversized cookie tin covered in bumper stickers. The insatiable sadness of losing the only animal you ever truly loved, in an old toy misplacing its cotton stuffing…

What if just looking at an unfamiliar picture, could make you feel all of these familiar things?

Dimitri Zaik doesn’t just pause a moment when he captures it. He shows you the very soul of the subject, and then lets you hit play. You can actually feel the raw emotional energy vibrating through it, with each particle of colour, or the absence of it, heightening the experience.

That kind of photography or film doesn’t rely on fancy equipment. You cannot capture the soul by simply arming yourself with a heavy camera and a cockpit full of buttons, or a zoom lens that could trace the split ends of a hair…You can only press play on such a moment when its energy is so intense that it forces its way out of the frame, and back to life. When the choice is not yours. When it reaches out from behind the 4th wall, grabs your hand, and pulls you in. That is what every celluloid imprint or flickering film of Dimitri’s is. Your own drawer of emotional energy, all neatly arranged in moment, just waiting for you to press play.

Dimitri’s single handed effort – from filming to production for the first Chapter of A Dandelion Clock can be viewed below.

Ghost Nerve

Love, grunge, magic. A collection of images of the earth, wildlife and cityscapes.
Ghost Nerve. Sounds gothic doesn’t it? I thought so too at first. Then I looked at the photographs, I mean really looked. Ghost Nerve metamorphosized into a completely different meaning. It had the effect to make you go beyond the borders of your sanity and tap into a hidden well of feeling, with tunnels deep inside you. It was like letting my mind out of its straight jacket and discovering an untouched nerve deep inside the well, invisible yet alive, that branches out into your mind; connecting to a whole new vein growing from your soul; a Ghost Nerve. Then you just see the world for the first time through an eyelid-less sort of view that lets you really feel what you see.
Talia Skye
deer Untitled-7 Kathmandu-083


Scarlet Nerve

A photography collection of human energy and emotion. Gritty, grungy, raw and dusty. There is no plasticine glamour here.
I had the pleasure of working with Dimitri Zaik for Scarlet Nerve and his creative process was observed to be starkly different to what is common place. Dimitri spends considerable time getting to know his subject so that he can capture the true essence of being. What he then produces is not solely his narrative; it is woven into the subject’s story to produce art that attempts to capture a snapshot of the soul in addition to shining light on the tangible.



Untitled-6 Untitled-8

A Dandelion Clock

A Dandelion Clock is a “living story” designed to breathe new life into traditional storytelling and draw an often digitally disengaged society back into the world of literature and imagination. It tells a very real, dystopian tale of the environmental and social impacts of this disengagement with the world around us. The three part fable could very well be Dimitri's masterpiece, funneling all of his creative talents into one vortex of energy.

A Dandelion Clock

“Dimitri writes so brilliantly his choice of words n the depth of his writings amaze me for someone so young. It reminds me somehow of Paulo Coelho’s style of writing.”
Crystal G.

A Dandelion Clock is a fictional, multi-sensory, multi-media tale about the Old World. Designed to draw an often digitally disengaged society back into the world of literature and imagination, it also tells a very real, dystopian tale (over the 3 books/albums etc the series: Magellanic Clouds, Ink Bleeder, Venusian Diary) of the environmental and social impacts of this disengagement with the world around us.

Told through music, videos, performance pieces, illustrations and written word- A Dandelion Clock is a “living story” designed to breathe new life into traditional story-telling, with the different mediums linked subtly through intricate detail and thoroughly researched information. The concept is not only to tell the story, but to do so in a way that engages the audience and taps into all of the senses, making use of the evolution of technology to enhance the community’s love of literature and art, as well as their social and environmental awareness.

The two and a half minute teaser/prologue video was critically received as both thought provoking and hypnotic, causing a surge in anticipation of both the album and the story. This video can be viewed below.

The first Soundtrack/Album for Magellanic Clouds has already been released and available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and all other major online stores worldwide. The track ‘Antigen Society‘ emerged a finalist winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the ‘World Music‘ category  for Session II, 2014, solidifying Dimitri as a promising up and coming composer in the eyes of some of the industries most acclaimed professionals.  The album preview video may be viewed below.

A few quotes, one in particular, from the book series –

“I want to be alone… with someone else who wants to be alone.” – Dimitri Zaik, Ink Bleeder ‘Alone With Loneliness’

has been picked up on Goodreads and has gone viral on the internet, with more than half a million share to date. Virtually coming in undiscovered and with no promotion whatsoever the quote has been turned into ‘memes’, included on one of Thought Catalogues “Top 100” lists, book covers, graphic designs, artworks, merchandise, websites and re-blogged, posted and tweeted by everyone from Justin Bieber’s ex-flames to well known social/life commentators.

I actually went in search for you after reading a quote you wrote. ( Or at least I think it was your quote, “I want to be alone.. with someone else who wants to be alone.”) It resonated with me, and I wanted to make some effort to connect the writer with my feelings.
Ang Wilson

Dimitri Zaik is, at least for the initial part of the project so far, the author, producer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer and videographer, illustrator, post production etc. The story has now started to have a life and soul of its own with each new collaborator and seems to draw in creatives where it needs to. A Dandelion Clock could very well be Dimitri’s masterpiece and is currently acquiring sponsors and funds to continue functioning and produced as an independent project.

The first sample chapter is available at www.adandelionclock.com/preview with the first video set to be released on the 15th of March. The first book ‘Magellanic Clouds’ is to be released on a chapter by chapter basis on www.adandelionclock.com optimized for reading on demand across any platform.


Press Release

Dimitri has been involved in music composition and production for over a decade now, relentlessly chasing down his dreams. His is the real underdog story. There were no shortcuts. No abundance of money to fund his endeavours and not a soul on the crew of his productions to date.

Press Release

Sri Lankan born, Melbourne based Musician/Composer Dimitri Zaik is an incredible talent emerging from the realms of the independent arts scene.

Recently snagging top spot amongst the three (3) final prize winners under the ‘World Music’ category for Session II of the internationally acclaimed, John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2014.

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest was set up in memory of John Lennon by his wife Yoko Ono, in 1997 for both Amateur and Professional songwriters from all over the world to showcase their talents.

The 2015 judging panel included George Clinton, Prince Royce, ‘Flee’ of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jim Steinman, Sean Paul, Jessica Jarrell, Bob Weir, Matthew Koma, Art Alexakis of Everclear, Mike Sapone, Nick Hexum of 311, Jimmy Cliff, Switchfoot, The Lone Bellow, Gaby Moreno, Angela Hunte, Ray Dalton, Taylor Momsen, Sheila E., Bryan-Michael Cox, Jesse Harris, Natasha Bedingfield, Trevor Gale, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, The Bacon Brothers, Reeve Carney, Bootsy Collins and The Veronicas.

Dimitri’s success in the competition is a boost to the Melbourne independent music/art scene, and particularly impressive considering the “World Music” Categorisation of the track, which is by far the most diverse and most competitive genre in the contest.

The winning track, titled ‘Antigen Society’, is off Dimitri’s debut album ‘Magellanic Clouds’, which he self composed, recorded and produced in his bedroom studio- and was the only instrumental track to have made it through.

’Magellanic Clouds’ is part one of Dimitri’s three part series, “A Dandelion Clock”- a multi-sensory, multi-media fiction series which is told through a mixture of music, literature, graphic novel, and film. The full ‘Magellanic Clouds’ soundtrack is available for download via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon, and the rest of the story is currently being produced in Melbourne with an extended group of local, interstate and international talent.

(Learn more about the project at : www.adandelionclock.com)

Dimitri’s way with words has a way of touching the soul and connecting with people. A quote from the preview excerpt for the second book, “Ink Bleeder” (‘I want to be alone… with someone else who wants to be alone’) exceeded promotion expectations last year by going viral after being posted on the internet, having now reached more than half a million shares, reblogs, and retweets. It was also featured prominently in popular online blogs such as “Thought Catalogue’s” ‘10 Love Quotes That Only Introverts Will Get‘ – , and “Introvert Springs” ‘Top 100 Introvert Quotes‘, clocking in at number 25 (with Sylvia Plath and Paulo Coelho on either side) solidifying Dimitri’s place as an up-and-coming author to watch.

Dimitri has been involved in music composition and production for over a decade now, relentlessly chasing down his dreams. His is the real underdog story. There were no shortcuts. No abundance of money to fund his endeavours and not a soul on the crew of his productions to date.

Pursuing the dream of breathing new life into independent art has been fuelled by determination, affordable meals and sleepless nights. This is in part what makes Dimitri’s art so real and wonderful.

Also a photographer, in 2012, Dimitri was chosen to illustrate world renowned author Neil Gaiman’s (American Gods, Stardust, Sandman) collaborative project with Blackberry in their “Keep Moving” Campaign – ‘A Calendar Of Tales’. His soulful, illustrative photography was chosen from tens of thousands of the world’s best illustrators and artists. Dimitri had three photographs shortlisted, and went on to be published in the official calendar as runner up for both May and November Tales. The images can be viewed at www.acalendaroftales.com

The increasing success of Dimitri’s work as a photographer and creative digital artist has lead him to start up his own independent design & production agency, Insomnia Inc.

Under this banner he has had the opportunity to design several high end websites for companies around the world, indulge his love for collaborative art, and pave an avenue for working on many of his charitable and not-for-profit passions and projects. Dimitri, as Insomnia Inc, was the innovator and designer of the unique and popular limited edition collectible calendar series, which made its debut in 2015 with ‘Gentle Giants’. The calendar featured twelve emotionally charged photographs of Sri Lankan Elephants for the LTL Group this year. All of these photos were taken by Dimitri during his conservation and preservation work with his father, running one of the oldest and largest not-for-profit communities for Sri Lankan Elephants.

One of the most memorable projects that they have undertaken, was an independently funded project at Uda Walawe to search for the iconic tusker of the park, ‘Walawe Raja’, who went missing after last being sighted with a concerning injury. While Raja remains missing in action to this day, the project created considerable awareness and interest about the plight of wild elephant in Sri Lanka.

You can support and join the cause at www.srilankaelephant.com or www.facebook.com/srilankaelphant

Dimitri’s love for mother nature and eye for beauty in the world around him has lead him to focus many of his creative endeavours on preservation and conservation. His nature photography encapsulates this passion, and his work in this field has been published in books such as “Flowering Plants of Sri Lanka” by Sriyanie Miththapala, Siril Wijesundara and Janaki Galappatti.

Dimitri’s raw talents in so many forms of art are what make him such a name to watch in the creative arts, and such a spark of hope for independent artists building their own dreams on nothing but passion.

Dimitri’s work can be found at the below web pages.



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Websites & Portfolios

Official Website

Strange little stories, strange little memories
Love, Grunge, magic
Human energy and emotion.
Sleepless Colour – Production House




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